It is almost two years ago that the world started feeling the effects of Covid, its impact on our daily lives has been huge and has touched everyone in one way or another.

Where some have suffered illness or death others have not, where some have suffered financially others have not.

Losing a loved one either directly from Covid or from unrelated issues, was made harder to deal with due to the Covid restrictions.

Who could and who could not attend a bedside or a service.

No one could deny that life changed, it’s been at times tough and harsh these last two years. 

Deceased estate clearance services in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey - deceased estate clearance with dignity compassion and respect.

Our customer base is large, we have been in business in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey for over 35 years, with clients coming back many times over as they renovate their houses or develop new properties. 

Our clients have been friends for many years.

When a friend loses a loved one it’s very difficult to know what to say or how you can help them in their time of grieving.

Deceased estate clearance Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, dealing with deceased estates with dignity, compassion and respect.

Early on in the Covid pandemic we were faced with a situation of a friend passing away and it became evidently clear that our deceased friends partner could not manage dealing with their deceased partner’s estate.

We were asked could we help with the deceased’s estate clearance?

Of course we said yes, and we helped our friend through the process, but it was a difficult series of tasks to manage. Some might suggest that deceased estate clearance is easy, but that is not the case. 

Helping a friend get through their deceased estate clearance allowed us to experience all of the problems that people face when trying to deal with house clearance, what to do with personal possessions, how to face what you don’t want to, or are not ready to face.

Deceased estate clearance services in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey - deceased estate clearance with dignity compassion and respect - when it is time for letting go.

Having been clearing land, barns, sheds and old run down houses for years as part of our property development business, it was a natural progression to step up and deal with deceased estate clearance.

And that is how we got to where we are now, helping one friend turned into helping another friend, which in turn lead to someone being referred to us as people that could help with deceased estate clearance and house clearance.

Which makes us proud to now offer a range of new services in addition to our existing services.

Deceased estate clearance, house clearance, workshop clearance, garage clearance, shed clearance and office clearance with dignity, compassion and respect in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.  

House clearance in Berkshire Hampshire and Surrey house clearance services.